Ivan Strom will be following you around in the next chapter like Zanik in the Cave Goblin quests. Speak with Cyreg Paddlehorn in Mort Ton. Inform him to go on OSRS Fire Cape Buy. The bridge should be crossed like you're heading towards the Barrows. When you reach the houses that lie to the north-east of the Barrows entrance, head to the one that is most eastern.

Talk to Katrine or Straven. Master Thwait has been defeated. This is amazing But do we have evidence? Yes, I do. Here is his Master Theif Armband. With his golden iniatials and everything! Katrine/Straven could stare at it, then snap out. It's fantastic. There is a chance that my associate will teach some of the tricks of trade to you. Katrine/Straven gives you an outline. Once you have it, you'll be able to find your "associate". Omart (or Slug if you've completed the quest) is your Associate. Talk with him about the quest!

Quest Rewards. Thwait's Tome; It gives 8.5k to any two skills you choose over Level 35. Thwait's (P+) Dagger. Master Theif Armband (To Equip: You're worthy of it!) The armband will bear your name written on it. 11,500 Theiving Points XP

Quest names: Rebuilding Burgh De Rott. Skill Requirements : 40 Construction 40 Farming., 40 Cooking. 40 Fishing. The ability to beat several Vyretwach. You'll need the following items:Lobster Pot 80 Planks 300 Steel Nails 10 Bolts of Cloth, Potato Seeds and Onion Seeds Bagged Willow Tree, Bagged Oak Tree or Bagged Nice Tree 2007 RS Items, Rake (In the event that you need to dig up dead plants), Rake, Seed Dibber (8) 8 cups of Asgardian ale, Saw, Hammer, Molten Glass 2 Glassblowing Pipes, White Apron, 5 candles that are lit, and a Tinkerbox.