Why not RS gold complete your 99 woodcutting and 99 smithing first? As for your own goals: I believe 99 RC is way to difficult. The people that do get it either have no life in any way, play with more people on a single account, or RC for several years. By the time you get it, you're tired of RS. I don't suggest it, just because it is so slow xp. . But as another man said you could first try like 82 or something. 99 prayer is exactly what I should do. Though you don't like combatting, it's such a fun cape to get. .

I plan to get it myself when I get the money. This is what I must do . Get like a higher range level and a top defence level so you can make money doing supervisors. Meanwhile you train scope and HP and you make money . I'd just forget about RC when I had been you.

Hi everyone. It has been a while since I posted here, and I have furthered my stats a long time. I'd like to talk about Slayer. I seem to be having kind of an issue with it. I have got 51 Slayer, and it's all going fine. I will occasionally switch to dhide, archer helm, rune cbow, addy bolts, granite shield, and snakeskin boots to range.

My entire issue is that I can't kill enough monsters and receive sufficient exp daily. I will find some random task from Chaeldar, say, trolls. I will go with some monkfish and an att and str pot and kill a few trolls. But I run out of meals unnaturally fast. Then I go bank and that I realize that I only got like 20 kills . I have to do something wrong. Should I go to a lower slay master? Should I bring better food? Get Defence upward? Use Prayer? Safespot? I really want some guidance with this. I want more slay exp per hour, and I'm prepared to work for it. Thanks in advance for reading all that and buy RuneScape gold giving me advice.