The New World closed beta has started a few days ago, and more and more players join the open world every day, and some warriors have embarked on an adventurous journey and continue to explore more mysterious areas in China and New Zealand. If you have not studied New World before, then you may not understand the difference between it and most MMOs. There is no strict class distinction between the characters in New World, and there are no mounts. Players cannot create multiple characters in a New World Coins server, which makes the game very unique.
There are three inherent factions in the game for players to choose from, they are Marauders, Syndicate, and Covenant. Your next game experience will largely depend on the faction you choose. First of all, you can only join companies created by players of the same faction, that is, guilds in other MMOs. If you do not intend to close PvP, you may be attacked by players from rival factions in the wild. And if your faction controls a region, all the resources you get in the local area will be promoted. It is worth noting that once you join a faction, you cannot change your decision for 120 days. Want to know which faction is better to join? Keep reading this guide and you will make the right decision.

You'd better choose the faction you like
Players cannot choose factions when they first enter the game. You must complete a series of beginner tasks and reach level 10 to join a faction. If you plan to play games with your friends for a long time, you'd better choose the same faction. Only in this way can you help each other, otherwise you must kill each other in the game, which is determined by the game mechanics.
Obviously, if you can become a member of the server's largest or second largest faction, you can have a certain advantage, most players think so. The weakest faction usually cannot gain benefits in large-scale wars and will face the risk of being eliminated by the other two rival factions. We have reason to believe that game designers have set up unique mechanisms in New World to enhance the competitiveness of backward factions, but Amazon has not yet given clear information.
The game is still in its infancy, and it is difficult to predict which faction can dominate. And after the closed beta phase is over, you need to recreate the character, so just choose the faction you feel most like.
If you want to change your faction in the future, you can do this. But you can only make changes 120 days after joining the faction, and you cannot choose the faction with the most territory. In any case, this is better than being locked into a faction forever.

The meaning of the three factions
Marauders - 'ruthless military force', in order to pursue freedom, they strive to improve their strength. If you are also a person who worships pure power, then Marauders will show you the way forward. With their help, your strength will continue to increase with muscle training to the top.
Covenant - 'fantatical order', their purpose is to restore justice on the land, for which they need to constantly purify the magazines in the area and eliminate heretics. If you want to become more holy and impose due punishment on those who sinners, Covenant is an excellent starting point for you.
Syndicate - 'secretive organisation of boundless guile and intellect', if you have ever watched Mission Impossible 5, you may have heard of this name. As a secret organization, they are good at hiding behind events and creating disputes. If you like lurking operations and snooping secrets, you can give full play to your abilities in this faction.
After reading the main characteristics of these three factions, have you made your own decision? If you want to know more about this, welcome to visit for information, or buy cheap New World Coins to prepare for the game release.