In New World, players will enter a world full of vitality and rich resources. Players need to learn the basics of combat and exploration in advance, so as to have a deeper understanding of everything in this world. One of the basic skills players should understand is craftsmanship, which allows players to use various natural resources to produce goods or other materials. When you go to the settlement, you will see a large number of craft stalls in the center of the town, where many players are looking for their favorite items.
Iron is one of the important resources in the game. Players can smelt iron from iron ore to make weapons, armors and other necessities of life. If players want to collect iron ore, they need to prepare a New World Coins pickaxe first and find the iron ore vein. In fact, finding iron ore is more difficult than making a pickaxe.

How to find iron ore veins?
Most of the iron ore veins in New World are distributed in Highlands sections in various regions, and you can find these Highlands sections on the map. If you want to know if you are in the Highlands sections, you can open the map and refer to the legend under the Resource Locations section. Highlands sections are shown in light brown on the map. You need to pay attention to those Highlands sections near impassable areas, where there may be iron ore veins because these sections are close to mountains. According to the experience of most players, you can find iron ore in higher places such as rocky hills or near caves.
When you explore the Highlands sections, don't miss the big black rocks, which are where the iron ore is located. Compared with ordinary stones, they look much darker. If you are standing near such a boulder and have a pickaxe in your backpack, you can press the E key to collect iron ore.

How to use iron ore?
Iron ore cannot be used directly to produce goods, you need to smelt it into iron ingots in the smelter of the settlement. Players can then use these iron ingots to produce various weapons, armors and other items. You can increase the smelting level by continuously smelting iron ingots or other metals. As the smelting level increases, the cost of making iron ingots will continue to decrease.
Of course, since New World is still in the closed beta phase, your progress in the game cannot be continued until the game is officially released, so there is no need to spend too much time in this area. But you'd better have a clear understanding of these basics, so that you can reasonably arrange your game plan after the official release of New World on August 31.

The above is the basic knowledge on how to collect iron resources. Are you interested? There are a lot of process systems in New World, and there are many aspects involved. If you want to learn more, please visit and follow their activities! You can also buy New World Coins there.