Path of Exile’s latest league/expedition pack is now available on PC and Mac, and will be released on PS4 and Xbox game consoles on July 28. As introduced in the preview last week, this new league will send you to the distant past to find missing pilgrims, dig them with explosives and find their treasures. There are also 19 new skill gems designed to support every Ascendancy course in the game, but with a wide range of construction options for all courses.

This is what POE players have expected from the new alliance for many years, but there is more. Some players are very satisfied with this update and buy POE Currency as much as possible for their game characters. The biggest change in the game is a large-scale rebalancing effort that affects multiple auxiliary gems, and a major change to the way the flask works. Grinding Gear Games detailed these in its long manifesto released last week, but what is certain is that you will have to make some major adjustments to your game style in the coming days and POE Currency.

Path of Exile Royale, it will be available on weekends during the league, and players can use it on weekends. Battle Royale mode has only existed for a few days as an April Fool’s Day joke. Many players like this mode very much and hope it will return. At the request of players, GGG is now back with a better user interface, new passive skill tree, leaderboards and overall more refined gameplay. The developer also said that it will further optimize this model to bring players a better experience.

Now that it has launched the new expansion, all the new updates previously revealed have been reflected in the game. No matter how much we say it, it is not as good as the player to feel it in person, but I believe it will bring a unique game experience that differs from before! Before the launch of Path Of Exile 2, you can POE Currency Buy in advance. I believe it will be a more expected battle!