One of the ways you can really maximise an outdoor space is by choosing Garden Lounge Set and decor that will transform it into a functional area. The possibilities are countless when it comes to what you can do to turn an ordinary garden or patio into an al fresco seating area, or a space available for garden parties and cocktails. When choosing cafe furniture to fill up your outside areas, rattan pieces are great options that can help to create an amazing ambience in your space.

Weather Resistant Rattan Furniture

One of the best features about Richmond’s Verano rattan garden furniture is that it’s all manufactured to be left outside all year round, no matter how bad the weather! Tried and tested by our customers, we’re so confident that your rattan garden furniture can survive in all weathers that your garden set will come with a 10 year long-life guarantee. While our cushions are rainproof, we do recommend that you store these when they’re not in use, but the rest of your rattan garden furniture will hold its own in the rain and wind of winter. Of course, you can always use an all-weather protective cover to fully protect the set if you don’t want to take our word for it!


Both rattan and teak are very comfortable materials. The difference between the level of comfort the chosen garden furniture will provide you with depends primarily on its design rather than material from which it is made. But it is also true, that rattan garden furniture is typically added garden cushions to increase both its comfort and aesthetic appeal, while teak does not require any additions to either look more appealing or feel more comfortable.


Since natural rattan is a sustainable material, you can be confident that your purchase will not harm the environment in the same way that a piece made of hardwood would. Natural rattan furniture is made from secondary growth fibers meaning that the entire tree doesn’t need to be cut down whole to make furniture. The fibers’ are given time to grow back before being cut again to produce another piece of sustainable furniture. It is important to support sustainability practices in the furniture industry to curb the impact of deforestation.

DurableThe durability of rattan furniture can last a very long time. Quite diligent in cleaning it from dust and not often being placed close to the sun, then furniture like this dining chair can continue to be passed on to your children and grandchildren.

To make it look more varied from time to time, match chairs with other material tables such as wood or modern design tables made of iron. Also add a soft cushion on the seat holder so that the atmosphere feels more comfortable eating.

Versatile and Durable

Outdoor rattan furniture can often last longer than furniture made from leather or wood. Rattan furniture is famed for its resistance to rain, snow, and frost, and the minimal amount of maintenance required to keep furniture in excellent condition. Another advantage to rattan made furniture is that it is lightweight. This means you can rearrange your furniture effortlessly. Whether you are clearing space for a garden party or want to make the most of the summer sun, you can change your outdoor floor plan with ease. This is extremely comforting if you have little ones roaming around the garden. If they come into contact with the furniture at any point, it will withstand any rough and tumble.


We did say these points would be in no form of hierarchy but it's hard not to see this as one of the most important reasons to invest in synthetic rattan. Artificially produced rattan furniture has a much longer lifespan than its authentic counterpart. In our more in-depth blog post, we mentioned that synthetic garden furniture could last anywhere between 10 and 20 years.

We hope the advantages to rattan made furniture we have listed helped you decide if rattan made furniture if right for you. Browse Rattan Lounge Set Manufacturer site to choose the right rattan furniture, our rattan furniturre will become the focal point of your garden or outdoor.