Several basic fast floors tips: Know where all doors are. If you do not have a fantastic memory, you can jot down notes developers console without slowing down yourself. Try to always be ready by knowing what doors are close to your gate, etc.. You don't need to be stuck having to OSRS gold search for doors, this really slows you down.

The basic strategy is to do soloable skill doorways or other doors while your group kills rougher gd, then gate the door which has you stuck. Tele back to ggs and assist your staff finish gd until you reach de, then take ggs to your gate. By way of example, you take ggs into a gd with several monsters, although your team kills themyou start a Herblore doorway, open Green Crescent, kill a gd with just a bat and find another tricky gd. You gate that this gd, ggs back into the prior one and help your staff kill the monsters. If you find a p, take ggs straight back to your gd and repeat the process. This is merely a generic example but its the basic model you ought to follow.

Be bossy; this really is not much of a hint but its helpful. If you realize that there are a few doors left over the map and you need to run them, make your teammates start killing the boss; do not let them stand around. If you find a mercenary don't back off and sit and wait, simply charge it, if folks are being shy, trick them with such baits as"ggs for many salves" whilst the ggs is inside or ramokee. Don't allow your teammates put in so little effort. Bear in mind, you are already using your time and effort to key the flooring; if they don't appreciate it and help correctly, just kick them. Before you do so though, give a player a chance to redeem themselves by conducting to gate a far off door or something.

Yeah I guess that'll be alright. I have not looked in the stats but if you're able to complete the Void Quests, then getting a Korasi would be RS 2007 Gold nice. It has a top stab bonus plus is also 1 Handed. Even though, a Chaotic Rapier are the best thing to use. As it's a top attack rate/high stab/high strength incentive. So in the event that you work towards that then you'd be set.