Oh yeah, that is definitely true. And Animal Crossing Items it's annoying many players since the content they're withholding was available in previous games and principles of their franchise (it seems strange to make us wait 1-2 years for Brewster, by way of instance ). They clearly need to milk this sport for so long as they could (even more so now that it has become a huge victory as a result of Covid).

Exactly! We haven't even gotten any genuine new content aside from... pumpkins? Every upgrade so far has only been incorporating things from past games. While it's wonderful to have updates to pull me back to the match it'd be even more difficult to add new characters/events/furniture that we haven't seen before.I thought it was only coincidental that the match was released through lock down. Now I don't know what to think

There is a whole lot of things missing but a ton of improvements also. Nowadays, I'm not really amazed when a new applications (like games) fail to include features of the previous iterations. The missing places I can understand using the regular updates and it appears to follow along with Animal crossing mobile game model, but things such as: villagers moving in and outside houses, requesting to See your Home, hide-and-seek type miniature games, random actions like kicking around a soccer ball are thing that gave villagers life

Honestly, this is one of the reasons I could not really get into NH. One of my favourite things in NL was that you could simply talk to the villagers and they'd always have something interesting to say about the city or the time of day or the weather or what you or they were wearing and they would often provide you a bit of job or a question after just a few interactions. I think I could count on the amount of tasks I've been given in NH on one hand and even though I haven't played that much that they seldom tell me something new. I actually really miss NL's music but I Believe that's the case for cheap Animal Crossing Bells most of us