The game update adds several interesting changes to Animal Crossing.

The 1.11.0 update content is very rich and is Buy ACNH Bells expected to last until late October. In this update, DIY recipes, several new times and new items have been introduced. In addition, it also contains information about Halloween updates.

With the start of new months, seasons and activities, a large number of different DIY recipes have been added to the game. Through these recipes, players can experience the fun of making time-limited items. These items can be sold or left as decorations on the island.

To get DIY recipes, you must first shoot down the balloons hovering on the island beach, and then find the DIY recipes in the bottles found on the shore. Finally, players who complete character-related events may be rewarded by visiting them.

However, there are some inaccessible recipes that players can only encounter naturally. Nintendo restricts the way players can learn DIY recipes from the treasure island of Animal Crossing. The players hosting the treasure island violated Nintendo's rules technically, so Nintendo has never really liked these players.

To solve this problem, Nintendo does not allow players to bring recipes back to their islands. So players, you can’t take the recipes home, but you can still learn them.

This change has been around for a long time. Players can unlock them through the game, and most of the inaccessible recipes can be found in the bundle. However, all other recipes in the game are tradable. Nintendo has suppressed the modification for a long time.

The 1.11.0 update contains elements that can last until the end of October, and players have discovered new items related to Halloween. For the old game players who have mastered all the recipes of Animal Crossing, adding three recipes is a thing to be happy about. Moreover, because all items are customizable, players can get different colors and versions. However, most of them require ACNH Bells pumpkins, and pumpkins are not easy to obtain.

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