Josh Allen playing for Buffalo Bills and quarterback Lamar Jackson playing for the Baltimore Ravens are a hard choice for most players. In Madden 21, Lamar Jackson initially had a release rating of 94 and then dropped to 91. But even then, he is still the fifth highest-rated quarterback in the game, but for the third-year quarterback who threw only 2,757 yards, this is undoubtedly a year of decline, with 26 touchdowns and 9 times intercept. But there are still many players willing to spend some Madden 22 Coins to get this player.

Josh Allen’s overall rating at the beginning of the year was 77, and it climbed to 88 during Super Bowl week. Allen has shown continuous improvement during his three years in the league. Last year, while leading the Buffalo Bills to the AFC Conference Championship game, he threw 4,544 yards, 37 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Therefore, EA gives Allen an advantage in Madden 22 release ratings. Like Jackson, Allen is a double threat. His running is not as good as Jackson, but he can definitely kick the ball with his foot, which opened the way for Madden Coins. Allen also benefited from a better receiving team, including Stephen Diggs, Gabriel Davis, Emmanuel Sanders and Cole Beasley.

EA added Lamar Jackson to this list because most players do believe that he and Allen are likely to receive similar ratings in Madden 22. In addition, his explosive power is too strong to be ignored. As mentioned before, many people think that Allen has a slight advantage in the overall rating, so if they do not tie Jackson with him, he will be very close. If this person is given some legitimate wide receivers, he should be able to recover quickly.

If players want to get their two player cards at the same time, then they’d better buy some Cheap MUT 22 Coins at GameMS first and then experience their actual performance one by one to get the ultimate result. Their performance is determined by the level of players’ training and their skills. Regardless, both of them are excellent.