As we all know, Madden 22 will be officially released on Friday. If the player has never played a video Madden 22 Coins game, or just stopped playing Madden because it has become obsolete, the player may regret it after the official release of Madden 22. It seems that EA has finally put into work in the franchise mode, and it seems that there will be many new features to update the forgotten game mode and be favored by the more profitable ultimate team. Many players are full of expectations for the game before the game is released.

If the player is interested in the performance of the Colts players, you can continue to check the following content for more information. Starting with DeForest Buckner, the only X-Factor player in Indianapolis, he scored a total of 92 points and "unstoppable power" X-Factor, which means that his block shedding has been improved, and he will be bigger The chance to win a one-on-one battle.

In addition to Buckner, the other highest-rated players in the Colts defense are Darius Leonard, Kenny Moore II, Grover Stewart and Xavier Rod. Although some players are biased against this, I believe that this score is a low crime rate for the defense that performed so well last season. Personally, I would classify Moore and Leonard in the 90s, and classify Stewart, Oaklake, and Rhodes into the category of over 85 years old. Many players also believe that Willis and Blackmond should Buy Madden 22 Coins have a combined score of at least 80.

As for offense, of course Quinton Nelson is the top player with a total of 95 points. The other two offensive linebackers Ryan Kelly and Braden Smith are in the top five. However, surprisingly, Malone Mike turned out to be the second best player. He played only one game last season due to a torn Achilles tendon. Jonathan Taylor looks set to be a starter after an explosive rookie campaign. Although T.Y Hilton has always been stable, his ranking may not be ahead of players such as Taylor, Nyheim Hines or even Zach Pascal.

Madden 22 Coins

This Madden 22 has a new feature in which the team has a clear home court advantage, which can really change the outcome of the game, making the away game more difficult and more like reality. The Colts' home court advantage is the “number of hats,” which allows the home team's defense to view the number of hats in the game through the coach's camera. If players want to build a strong team in the game, now is the best time to buy Madden 22 Coins. Because more Madden 22 Coins can give players a greater advantage. As a professional seller, UTnice will make it easier for players to experience the fun of the game.