Like with the past years, your FIFA Mobile journey will rollover to the new Season. While everyone gets the FIFA Mobile Coins opportunity to construct a new squad, players still have the capability to play their Legacy Team.

A Legacy Team is one that lets players take their current Season's Active Lineup and then carry it to the new Season and use it in particular Campaign Events as well as challenges that were designed for them. That means the greater the Legacy Team OVR, the greater the rewards obtained from playing at the events.

While the present Season has not ended yet, be sure to increase your team's OVR as high as possible. Keep in mind the Player OVRs, as well as their attributes, within your Legacy Team are going to be locked when the new Season begins. In addition, be certain that your Active Lineup has 11 players in order for it to be carried into the Legacy Team. Finally, select well since you also won't be able to change the formation of your Legacy Team after the new season starts.

Dutch football club Ajax has formally established the Ajax Gaming Academy, a mobile application where aspiring FIFA players may compete in tournaments.

Within the program, players will have the ability to compete for exclusive prizes together with the ability to watch a variety of tutorials enclosing FIFA 21.

Dutch cable network Ziggo, sportswear giant adidas, and technology company Azerion are revealed since the launch partners to the Ajax Gaming Academy program, which will be available to buy FUT Coins download Android and iOS apparatus. According to the release, football coverage website Goal has also been confirmed as a global media partner and will help out with the promotion of the program on a global scale.