At 2:59 AM EST on August 3, the closed beta of the game ended, but the following Wednesday, Amazon Game Studio announced that the MMO of New World will be postponed from August 31 to September 28. This is the fourth time the game has been postponed.

According to a post on TWitter, the team found that some content in the beta version needs improvement, and it will take some time for "smash bugs, improve stability, and polish the game,".

The team stated: “It’s not easy to make this decision, but changing the release time in pursuit of quality is just to allow players to experience making high-quality games, although the waiting time may be disappointing.”

The first announcement of New World’s release date was May 2020, then changed to August 25, 2020, followed by the spring of 2021, and then RPG New World Coins changed to August 31, and this time it was set to September 28. day. With such a bumpy history in Amazon Games, this game is not the only one. The previous hero shooting game Crucible went from release to the inside, and was finally cancelled after a few months in 2020. Another competitive fantasy fighting game also experienced its release in 2016 and was cancelled in 2018. And another version of Pac-Man Live Studio, Pac-Man, which is played directly on Twitch and developed in cooperation with Bandai Namco, was originally scheduled to be released in June 2020. However, this game has not been released until now, and It is also not listed on Amazon Games' website.

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