In the beginning, GGG created everything that “Diablo III” should have, Path of Exile. However, since their release, both games have undergone significant changes and improvements. Path of Exile as a sequel to “Diablo II Fan-made” is enough for developers to launch this independent game, and players can get everything they want through Buy POE Currency. The developer’s evaluation of Path of Exile will tell players whether the game is worth continuing to play in 2021.

When Path of Exile was first released, it had three scenes plus a game map to provide a 30-hour overall game experience. Now, it has ten acts plus endless post-match activities. The problem is that the game is constantly developing and expanding. Every 3, 6, and 12 months, developers will launch an “alliance”. Many players feel that the game is too complicated and have to use Path of Exile Coins to make the game easier.

Path of Exile’s league adds new systems, challenges, rewards and loot. If they do well, players will not have to force a way to Buy POE Currency to get the items they want. After the league, their role will enter the standard league. Players can play alone or cooperatively. As they can see, there are ten scenes, each with about six tasks. With in-depth character and skill customization options, crafting systems, and rich loot, players will have at least 100 hours of single-player experience. Alternatively, players can also cooperate. The best part of the game is that they can play the entire story with up to four friends. In addition, players can enter specific maps with other team members. The more people they bring, the more challenging their enemies are.

In the seven years of existence of Path of Exile, it has developed into the most complex slasher RPG in the world. Many of its mechanics can overwhelm for players, especially considering that there is almost no tutorial part. Although it is not popular, it is relatively easy to start over. The player chooses a “exile” and clicks on the path to victory.