I understand OSRS gold my Dungeoneering is lesser than yours/you could likely key faster than that I may but I believe that is very good advice and has some sense to it. Theres too many small things to keying, such as gating doors or departing the ggs out, etc.. But it will take a while and I believe if yo keep working on it you will figure it out. Fantastic luck.

Yeah choccy I understand that but thanks for the help anyhow, and the reason why I key is the sake for finding teams easily on 148 without combat bias 130's+ I'd stop keying after I reach 3bo (unless nobody is absolutely keying and everyagrees I could crucial )

I get a lot of bad teams... Sometimes a individual takes forever to teleport to a door. Sometimes a person doesn't anounce whats he gated or takes forever to teleport. Most of the time, folks dont hear marijuana making, or when I order to gate and such and such, occasionally gd too. Skilling remains an issue in 148. .)For basic stat wise, I would get 50+, so it appears that that would just be Runecrafting and Woodcutting? I only took a brief look in the own signature. For GWD, I'd say like 85+, since it seems like you've Extremes and a few Chaotics, or one probably. So work on 50+, followed by 60+, 70+, etc.. .

Get 85+ in Attack and Defence, and you could prob just get to 90 Strength. You'll have to receive 70+ Agility in case you plan on visiting Sara GWD, and I would suggest 90+ Range for Arma. So if you have some alright armour you should be fine. In respect to getting higher stats, simply do what you feel is essential, some quests require a particular level in a skill and that quest may direct one to a good weapon/armour/new area/etc.

You're really close to 99 fishing, and it is going to only be trained faster as you get it higher! So, maybe do some barbarian fishing or dwelling rock caverns to get that cape. Woodcutting is quite easy and quick up until about the eighties, then I began to slow down to perhaps a level every week. Here's a really brief guide to reveal the quickest buy RS gold levels you can buy: