Since Bless Unleashed is a free game, players expect a lot of training to be involved in the game's development. This is the case for leveling and equipment improvement. This is understandable and usually tolerable, but the craft system makes this kind of grinding almost unbearable for players. In order to improve the crafting skills required for item forging and creation, players need to spend too much time and Bless Unleashed Star Seeds. If players also use crafting to enchant their equipment, then they can expect this challenge to triple.

The ending of Bless Unleashed is roughly the same as other MMORPGs. Many dungeons and events or challenges are just re-skinned versions of the harder early content. In this regard, repeated dungeons and other content are one of the biggest problems in the game. The development team must keep the content of the game attractive enough, rather than forcing repetition of old content to make progress. Although the game does regularly introduce new dungeons or arenas into the game, many of them are recycled things and are by no means unique.

There are too many RPG scammers selling in most MMORPG chat halls, especially in Bless Unleashed, but they are quite rampant. When players log in to the game and check the global chat, they will see those annoying guys. Once the players send some messages in the chat hall asking for friends to team up or other, someone will start sending Bless Unleashed Seeds and link to third-party websites.

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