IN ISO 14001 Certification in Malta training the employees is the key responsibility to become a successful maintenance and implementation for the Environmental Management System (EMS) according to ISO 14001 Services in Malta, since the workers daily routine can make a huge impact for the environment. This is the reason why it is so important to organize a good training program that will play every major role for the employee in the company.

According to ISO 14001 Services in Malta training must be ensured by the companies for their employees have the competencies and skills needed to perform their jobs. Following the steps below, you ensure your company implements an effective training program:


Step 1: Assess your training needs

IN ISO 14001 Implementation in Malta before creating any material or organizing the training, it is very important to ensure the training needs of the personnel. Here, you need to identify the holes between workers current competencies and the competencies required by the EMS company. If we take into the consideration the environmental training that are already conducted in the organization. For that instance, we can find out that many of your workers are already promoted for their tasks and you are that much closer to complying with regulations.


To organize this training assessment the organization can use workers evaluations, task assessments, observations of the jobs, etc. Some of the people will need some training on the general requirements of ISO 14001 Consultant in Malta, while some of them will need special training on process of production tasks that have a important impact on the environment.


Step 2: Determine training objectives

To achieve this desired result, the company should permanent basis to clear training objectives that are SMART that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. Since the workers with different roles and responsibilities will follow different procedures and protocols with different environmental impacts, the training must be important, which should be focused on resolving holes in specific areas and individuals.



Step 3: Choose the training method

In ISO 14001 Registration in Malta there is a broad offering of training methods to achieve the training goals for your EMS. Internet training can be a better option for disciplined workers who can finish the training at their own level. An additional benefit to this is that the company will not have to find the time to hold a meeting for all the employees who are involved in the training, which is usually is difficult or impossible. Obviously, you can choose for the traditional in-class courses or seminars delivered by lecturers or by external providers to conduct the training. Other forms of learning include workshops, meetings and even internal environmental newsletters.


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