As we all know, Amazon released its MMO New World for beta testing some time ago. But it didn't take long for the RTX 3090 GPU to be reported on the Internet. The fault is mainly concentrated on the EVGA RTX 3090 GPU. Back when Ampere was launched, some people wondered if the different capacitors used on certain models were a potential source of instability.

The strange part of this story is the fact that software almost never kills hardware. There are two New World Coins exceptions to this strategy: firmware updates and applications that can mimic hot viruses such as Furmark and Prime95 to some extent. Even so, well-cooled components with sufficient VRM cooling will usually not fail. Very few applications that may cause component failure will rarely do so without factors such as equipment aging and operating temperature.

MOSFET is a key component in the power circuit. Poor soldering around the MOSFET itself may cause the temperature and resistance to rise to the point of hardware failure, leading to failure. EVGAs are stuck because they have manufacturing defects, not because of something wrong with New World. But due to design decisions made by Amazon, New World exposed the point of failure.

The cause of the RTX 3090 crash may be that the menu options usually do not require a large amount of RAM to store data. If the rendering workload can be kept within the on-chip L2 or requires minimal memory access, it means that it can be provided to the execution unit as soon as the execution unit acquires it. In more complex test scenarios, the execution efficiency of the GPU decreases, and the frame rate decreases accordingly. This limits the heat accumulation on the chip.

The fact that most RTX 3090 cards did not die proves that Amazon's unlimited frame rate is not enough to damage most cards. However, it killed the few GPUs with pre-existing manufacturing defects, because doing almost nothing as fast as possible could generate more heat than doing many complex New World Coins Buy things at a much lower frame rate.

As we all know, Amazon postponed the release date of New World to September 28, and started the public beta on September 9, players will be able to experience the game content for free for the last time before the game is officially released. In fact, experienced players usually accumulate New World Coins in advance and then purchase the items they want. If you ignore this during the game, don't worry. You can visit NewWorldCoins now and spend a small amount of money to buy New World Coins.