The ancient forest was affected by the power of darkness, and it was full of corruption and death. The creatures here became violent and terrifying. The power of the earth and nature is constantly losing. The chosen person will appear at the gate of the world and save the world! This is a grand game, a big world full of enemies who want to defeat you. Only by becoming more tenacious can we survive this troubled time.

The game is divided into two camps and five occupations. The game starts relatively simple. The tutorial will teach you all the basics of fighting, making, and collecting. Different professions have different styles of personal cities and countries. Special career sages need to be transferred after level 50 and possess extremely powerful magical attack power.

Support systems above IOS4.3.

It is an exclusive map area belonging to the player. You can replace equipment, synthesize equipment, and strengthen equipment after daily tasks are handed over in the city. Purchase daily items to meet the basic requirements of players' personal growth.

Go to the Forbidden City or Crescent Town Square to participate in the martial arts arena. Defeating enemies in the arena will earn competitive points, which can be exchanged for various equipment and items in the points merchant. If you are strong enough, you can gain challenge points by challenging powerful opponents and refresh the leaderboard.

As a beginner in the new world, you need patience and time to hone the game. Go to to find your premium weapon. Among the builds available in the new world, choose to point your points to the style that best suits you and pay close attention to the improvement. Finally, go to win your victory.