You have an essential project to develop, and you want to employ some exterior partner, e.g., a SaaS company, to make it to the end. You’ve decided data protection to be one of the top-priority standards that have to be fulfilled when finding out which seller to choose for your screening process. In this case, one of your necessities would possibly be certification with the main data safety standard ISO 27001 certification in Qatarhowever how do you understand if the corporation on the different aspect of the system is really ISO 27001 certified? And, simply as importantly, how do you understand that this certification is issued by using an authorized certification body? Find out in this article.

Request the certification from the vendor

Most agencies that are certified will promote this on their internet site and in their product/service documentation. This data on my own isn’t enough, though. You want to affirm a few integral elements of this certification, so the first step is to request this certification from the vendor.

Essential statistics on the certificate

Every certification physique has its personal graph and structure of the certificates they issue, however there are a couple of key portions of facts on each certificate. I selected the order under now not based totally on how it is mirrored on the certificates, however on how plenty time and effort it will take to verify. After all, there is no purpose to confirm each and every element solely to discover that the certificates expired a lengthy time ago.

Relevance and usage

Now you are aware of the key factors to test on a certificate, however what is the relevance of this information, and how can you use it to make sure validity?

The first factor is obvious; however, I didn’t desire to leave out this step. Your requirement is ISO 27001 certification in Iraq, so make certain that you did get hold of an ISO 27001 certificate. It should appear that the filename by accident carries ISO 27001, though the content material is for a special ISO scheme. expiry date, or “valid between” date, suggests how lengthy the certification is valid. If this date is expired, it simply raises a flag and ought to be established earlier than persevering with to make investments time in your verification process.

The employer title and, especially, the address, are a key section to verify. Certification is location-specific and does no longer follow different places of the vendor. When a supplier relocates the certificate, it is now not robotically legitimate for the new location. Do affirm that the offerings or merchandise your organization will acquire are delivered by, or manufactured at, that particular address.

Every certificate includes the scope of the ISMS. Verify if the document scope covers your requirements, i.e., that the offerings or merchandise delivered through the dealer are inside the scope of the ISMS.

Now that you have proven that the ISMS and certification are inside expectations, you ought to confirm the certificates with the certification body. On the internet site of the certification body, you can generally discover an on-line device or a listing with all issued certificates.

Use the certificate quantity to search the use of the tool/website of the ISO 27001 certification process in Hyderabad (see preceding step).

After you validate the certificate used to be certainly issued with the aid of the certification body, and it is nevertheless active, you have to test if the certification physique is authorized via an accreditation body. The accreditation body is listed on the certificates. Every u. s. has its very own accreditation physique and continues a listing with permitted certification of our bodies (we will come to this in the subsequent section).

Now that you’ve tested the certificates issued by way of an authorized certification body, and that all different components have been additionally in order, you would possibly have reconsidered your listing of companies already. However, the ultimate takes a look at may be the most vital one: assessing the SoA (Statement of Applicability). These records will exhibit you which of the 114 safety controls in ISO 27001 Annex A, and perchance extra controls, are chosen (applicable) and how they are implemented. At this stage you will be in a position to wholly verify if the dealer is aligned with your protection requirements. For extra records on the significance of the SoA, study the article The significance of Statement of Applicability for ISO 27001 in Philippines.

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