Amazon's entry into the MMO space may have suffered one more delay for its release, but this hasn't tainted fan interest within the New World Coins game.

It is one among the foremost wishlisted games on Steam in line with stats from SteamDB. New World is that the second most wish-listed game on the platform, beating out titles like the upcoming entry into the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield 2042, and Left 4 Dead's spiritual successor Back 4 Blood.

The wishlist system on Steam allows players to focus on games that they need an interest in purchasing, and can be notified upon the game's release or a reduction. Other players can see and potentially gift them the games they desire.

While New World is placed at number two, right behind Dying Light 2, it doesn't seem that these wishlists have converted to sales quite yet. Amazon's MMO isn't cracking the highest 100 top selling games on Steam. as compared, Battlefield 2042 which trails behind New World on the wishlist, is thrashing the MMO in sales.

Of course, this might change once New World finally sees the sunshine of day. Originally set to launch in May of 2020, New World was rescheduled for release another time at the tip of this month. After its open beta,it was however postponed all over again to Sept. 28.

Despite some obvious flaws, the Beta testing phase for brand spanking new World was quite an success that saw many thousands of players before the game's launch. Hopefully, with no more last-minute delays, September will see the sport finally open for the general public to play at their leisure.

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