Affected by many factors, Amazon's new world of MMORPG is finally set. For long-awaited players, this is like reassurance. But the developer advertised another news, announcing that the closed beta game was postponed again.

This is the fourth delay of the game! When Amazon first announced the game, it said it would launch in May 2020. Its release date was initially postponed to August 25, 2020, and then Amazon announced a month later that it would push the game back to the spring of 2021. , And postponed the game to the recently planned August 31 release date.

We know this is not the first time we have changed the release date in pursuit of quality, and waiting longer may be disappointing. But we want to make sure that we provide the highest quality games at launch, the studio concluded.

In the early stage, because of the strong publicity of Amazon Studio. Many players in the world already know this game. The delay has already caused part of the economic impact. Fortunately, the enthusiasm of the players has not diminished. The first batch of players who want to become the game can participate in as soon as possible to make sufficient preparations for the game. Ultimately, to meet player expectations, Amazon Game Studio will release a new version as soon as possible.