If players want to know how to use each trade skill to produce content, then this New World production guide can help you. Although the beta version of New World ended on September 12, the official version of the game will be released soon. This guide can help players determine what to focus on based on the player's New World Coins production goals.

After completing the first few missions, players can start production immediately after reaching the first large settlement. Players will use various workstations for production, which will be introduced in the main story. As the player expected, upgrading various trade skills will unlock better items to craft and may increase the player's output, but the player also needs a better crafting station. When the player completes the task through the town project committee, the production station will be upgraded, but only if the company or guild that manages the settlement will target it. Players can understand what has been set by viewing the goals on the project board.

Players can collect basic materials from the beginning, such as flint and green wood, but players need specific tools to collect better materials. When the player reaches the first settlement, the player will get the player's first flint axe and mining pickaxe from the task, and then the player will be sent to the task of collecting various resources. When the player opens the world map, the player can view the location of most resources through the convenient title of the section titled "Resource Location" in the left column. This resource map will be particularly useful once the player has made more advanced productions.

Refining trade skills allow players to Buy New World Coins process raw materials collected by players. For example, players can smelt iron ore into iron ingots. There are many handicraft trade skills. It would be helpful to know what each product can produce so that players can focus on leveling the products they need first. It is also worth noting that each of these trade skills can make repair kits.

In New World, New World Coins plays a very important role. It can help players learn new skills and spells, buy pets and equipment, and acquire horse riding and flying skills. If players want to get a large amount of New World Coins in a short period of time, they can visit NewWorldCoins immediately and spend a small amount of money to buy them. They will provide all players with the best quality service.