One of the Blizzard bosses plays the most terrible thing it gives for players ofWorld of Warcraft - the LFR. But he has a good reason.

Who does not quite so much time and commitment to World of Warcraft, who likes to look at Raids only in the LFR variant, even if that with some players with more ambitions is frowned. It's hardly waiting to find a celebrity - and yet it happened. The co-boss of Blizzard, Mike Ybarra, also raises in the LFR and has a good reason for it.

What is the LFR? The Looking for RAID mode, or short LFR is the simplest difficulty level of the battles in the Modern World of Warcraft. Many boss capabilities are completely eliminated or dramatically weakened. For this you can automatically put together a group via the group seek tool. If the players fail too long at a boss, there are even strong buffs, so that the fight will be lighter at the next attempt.

For many players, however, this mode is frowned and is likely to be called Trottel-Lotto because one comes into contact with players, which are not so experienced or not to know all the mechanics.

What happened now? In the Subeddit by World of Warcraft, the MSXAR user posted a screenshot with a small text extract from the RAID chat of a LFR visit. The players fell on the name Qwik from Realm Onyxia - this is the warrior of Mike Ybarra, who apparently cavorted in the Raid.

Although YBARRA wanted to point out a shhh. That the topic should not continue in the focus, the screenshot landed in subreddit and triggered wild discussions. Why does Ybarra play with the LFR if he does other content? Why does he tort into this mode?

That says Ybarra: When the picture on Reddit made the lap, Ybarra also expressed himself to this screenshot. A user said that one could see the state of the game well, if one of the bosses rather in the LFR is in place [mythic] -keys to run. Ybara then explained:

I watch the LFR to look like the one is for other players and to meet new people.

This also coincides with what Ybara wrote about a month ago in another post on Reddit. There he betrayed:

Mit the community of all players in contact is really important for me. Playing the game is also important - at all levels.

Even in its streams, YBarra is always close to the community, can be on discussions and gives his own opinion on various topics around Wow price.

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Does YBARA play at so low level? No. Mike Ybara is even a pretty passionate WOW player who faces the toughest challenges. He probably even plays better than most of us, because he also likes to tear down dungeons of the difficulty mythical + 20 on the current band.

Do you like to drive you in the LFR? Or could not tug 10 Elekks in these RAID mode?