With the launch of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, WoW Classic has added a lot of extra content. Some players may focus on upgrading the power of Burning Crusade and get the best WoW TBC Classic items, and getting your own flying mount is one of the goals of many players.

On the surface, it seems that players can easily Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold obtain flying mounts for their WoW TBC Classic account. But in fact it is not easy. Players need to reach level 70 and earn the required amount of WoW Classic TBC Gold for the WoW flying mount itself. Players also need to acquire flying skills. This is available in both the regular version and the epic version.

With the former, the player can fly in the air at 60% speed. If you choose the latter, you can cross the sky at a speed of 280%. As the player can see, there is a big difference between the two speeds. In fact, the normal speed is actually slower than the maximum speed installed on the ground. Players also need to get WoW TBC Gold, and players need to pay for the flying mount itself.

Buy TBC Classic Gold

In addition, players need to know where to find suppliers to buy TBC Classic flying mounts. If the player is a Thrallmar Horde player, the player will find merchants and trainers in Hellfire Peninsula. Players can get the flight kit here. If the player is an alliance player, the player can go to Honor Hold.

If the player is a tribe player, the player needs to find Orlock in Shadowmoon Village to master the player's flying skills. In the same location, players can find Dama Wildmane for flying mounts. On the other hand, alliance players need to go to Wild Hammer Strong Hold. For flying skills, players need to find Ilsa Blusterbrew. For flying mounts, players need to use Brunn Flamebeard.

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