What is 100G network and the matching optical component?

With the continual growth of Network solutions, individuals have actually greater and greater needs for data transfer price. This need will certainly unavoidably create fantastic stress on the current transmission network. Raising the data transfer of the transmission network has constantly been the instructions of drivers. The appearance of 100G optical transmission modern technology will certainly substantially reduce the issues dealt with by drivers. Do you truly have actually sufficient recognizing of 100G modern technology? fibermal WDM technology

1.Qualities of 100G network modern technology

· Bigger capability: 100G has the ability to fulfill greater data transfer needs, which is an all-natural outcome of the continual updating of modern technology as the marketplace affects.

· Much less hold-up: Since the transmission price of 100G is 10 times above that of 10G network, it substantially minimizes the hold-up of transmission and can transfer the signify to the customer side quicker.

· Transmission interoperability is much far better: 10G and 40G WDM modern technology assistance LAN solutions have actually constraints, restricted by the dimension of ODU2 (optical thickness system) and ODU3 container, cannot be completely clear transmission of 10GELAN. 100G WDM modern technology addresses the trouble of clear transmission and interoperability of different prices of Ethernet solutions, and sustains combined mapping approach.


· More varied options for fiber optic wire: Most of us recognize that 40G system is restricted by information administration system when picking fiber, while 100G WDM system is no more restricted by information administration since it raises the capability of information as long as feasible.

2.User interface modern technology of 100G network

The major user interface kinds of 100G optical component are LC and MTP. As a result of the big quantity of 100G CFP optical component and CXP optical component, the existing application is not usual. Today, the conventional 100G optical component is 100G QSFP28.

3.Transmission modern technology of 100G network

There are several QSFP28 items out there, consisting of QSFP28 DAC, QSFP28 AOC, QSFP28 optical component, so the transmission services for 100 networks are different, and we can pick flexibly inning accordance with the various transmission ranges.

① Transmission range <5m
For this brief range transmission we can typically pick QSFP28 DAC for release, it is mostly put on brief range transmission, in regards to building and construction trouble and set you back efficiency compared to QSFP28 optical component.

② Transmission range <100m
There are 2 alternatives to attain this type of transmission. One is to utilize the size of 3m ~ 20m QSFP28 AOC for connection; another
is to utilize QSFP28 SR4 optical component with 12 core MTP OM3/OM4 fiber spot wire link (can assistance 100m transmission range.)


③ Transmission range of 100m ~ 2km
For tool and far away link, the application procedure frequently have to take into consideration the set you back, PSM4 QSFP28 optical component and CWDM4 QSFP28 optical component appropriate for procedure in tool and far away 100G network. QSFP28 100G CWDM4 optical component sends a much longer range, with single-mode fiber, the transmission range can get to 2km. PSM4 QSFP28 optical component utilized with 8 identical single-mode fibers, the transmission range is about 500 meters, which can likewise fulfill the needs.

④ Transmission range: ≤ 10km
For long-distance transmission, QSFP28 LR4 100G optical component with LC user interface is the greatest selection, which is normally utilized along with single-mode fiber. Nevertheless, this version of optical component is currently reasonably high in set you back and have to be consisted of in the choice factors to consider.


With the growth of 100G modern technology, it will certainly come to be increasingly more fully grown for the general public to pick by the requirements. https://www.fibermall.com/