Does the sales territory matter?

Usually, when describing the sales territory of a manufacturer, most stage truss factories will focus on "national sales" to recommend to customers and show the strength of the manufacturer, as if customers believe that the manufacturer can ship nationwide and will immediately place an order.

However, the reality is cruel, most customers are not willing to choose a stage truss factory that is far away, for many reasons. One of them is that the distance is far, the transportation is time-consuming and laborious, and it is very likely to delay the use of time. And the stage truss is made of steel, a large piece of equipment, not easy to carry!

Guangzhou truss stage equipment factory---Shizhan Group has several customers in Xinjiang, and each shipment has to be arranged several days in advance to give them enough time, for fear that the delivery will be late and affect the customers' use.

Then think about it, if customers do not believe in your products, will go all the way from an unfamiliar stage factory to buy activity equipment? During the period there may not be any irresistible factors. To some extent, "distance" limits the development of the stage truss factory, and also intensifies the degree of competition among manufacturers in the same region.

The customer is not looking at how wide the manufacturer's sales territory is, but believes in the quality of the product. The customer believes in your home product and will choose the stage truss factory he trusts when time is right. "Nationwide sales" is pale and powerless in front of product quality. And this is the reality, customers only believe in quality. Shizhan Group often ships to Xinjiang, right?

In terms of product quality, Shizhan Group has completed ISO9001 certification; in terms of production process, Shizhan Group has more than a dozen experienced welding masters; in terms of quality testing, Shizhan Group has established a staff patrol, sampling, inspection sets of quality supervision process; to reassure customers, in order to turn "nationwide sales" into reality, so that customers take the initiative to believe, rather than customers passively.