What is the difference between 48V350W and 48V500W electric scooter?

Rotational speed is different: 48V350W does not have the same speed as 48V500W, that is, the speed of 500W is faster than the speed of 350W electric scooter.

The power is different: 350W and 500W means the motor power is different, the power of 500W is higher, and the climbing power of 500W is better compared to 350W. So in the market you can buy and sell according to your preference.

Speed is different: 500W speed is also higher than the 350, but relatively more power consumption. And 14A and 20A refers to the normal working current of the motor, the higher the current, the higher the motor torque and speed. 350w is used for small electric vehicles, 500w is used for slightly larger electric vehicles. 350w motor is difficult to climb, 500w power is relatively easy to climb.

The electric bicycle 40v and 60v accessories are different, 48v electric bicycles battery is made of 12v batteries in series, 60v is made of 5 batteries in series, the equipped motor controller tires brakes are different, 60v tram configuration will be relatively high.

The electric power of 48v electric scooter is 350w, while the electric power of 60v electric motorcycle scooter is higher, 600w or 800w. 60v electric motorcycle scooter speed is much faster than 48v electric motorcycle scooter.

350 motor horsepower small speed between 35-40 500 motor horsepower large its speed between 50-55.

In addition to this, the more powerful ones may have more batteries installed, so they will take up a large part of the space on the bicycle, and the smaller ones will have a lower score. The most important price is also different, the price of high power may be higher.

Can a 350w motor use a 20ah battery?

The battery capacity is large, it can run far, the battery is small, it can run short. 500W can't use 12AH battery, the current is large, the battery can't stand it. 350W is half with 12AH battery, so it can run farther with 20AH battery, the current is controlled by the controller, so there is no problem.

Is the speed of an electric scooter related to the battery?

The speed of an electric bike depends on the motor.The speed of an electric bike depends on the speed of the motor, not the power! Motor power is the "load capacity" of the motor. The higher the motor power, the greater the load capacity, and the faster the motor speed, the faster the speed of the electric bike.

The electric bike battery provides power for the motor, and the capacity of the battery determines the "range" of the electric bike. The larger the capacity of the battery, the longer the range.

What is the relationship between battery and controller of electric bicycle

A small controller with a small battery and a large battery can be used, but a large controller must be equipped with a large battery. 350W motor controller can be equipped with 12AH battery or 20AH battery, while 500W motor controller must be equipped with more than 20AH battery, otherwise it will cause the battery range to be too short (not far) and the battery life to be seriously shortened.

The relationship between the motor, controller and battery: the battery energizes the controller, the controller controls the motor through the handle, the controller plays the role of up and down coordination, whether it is the battery over-voltage or change the motor power, the controller should be matched with both.

1: 48V battery + 48V20A controller + 500W motor

  2: 60V battery + 60V20A controller + 800W motor

  3: 72V battery + 72V20A controller + 800W or 1000W motor


1、The power of the electric scooter comes from the motor, the greater the power of the motor, the greater its load capacity, it can also be loaded with heavier items.

  2、The controller of the electric scooter is to control the speed of the motor, and the controller of the electric bicycle needs to be matched with the motor.

  3、The battery of the electric scooter provides energy for the motor of the electric bike. The unit of the battery is ampere-hour (AH), the larger the capacity, the longer the driving time (range time).

  4, the purchase should focus on two points:

① the load capacity of the electric scooter, that is, the maximum load;

② the range of time, that is, when the electric is fully charged, how long can exercise. According to the manual "speed" can be calculated to exercise how far.

The greater the power of the motor, the better the power of the scooter, but the faster the battery consumption, so we need to increase the battery capacity to meet the requirements, corresponding to the specifications of the controller should also go up.

The higher the voltage of the motor, the higher the efficiency of the motor work, but the voltage is too high, the wire and controller insulation requirements are more stringent, battery management is also difficult, it is easy to have safety problems, the general two-wheeled control within 72 volts is relatively safe.

What do you mean by electric scooter controller?

A: The electric scooter controller is the part that controls the motor speed and is the core of the electric scooter electric system, with under voltage, current limiting or over current protection function. Intelligent electric vehicle controller also has a variety of riding modes and self-test function of the whole vehicle electrical components. Electric vehicle controller is the core component of electric vehicle energy management and various signal processing.

What is the difference between brushless electric scooter controller and brush electric scooter controller?

A: Brushless EV controller relies on electronic phase change, so its control method is much more difficult than brush EV controller, its circuit complexity is much higher than brush EV controller, its manufacturing cost and process is much higher than brush EV controller.

What is the role of electric scooter controller in electric bicycle?

A: It mainly controls the speed of the motor, and also has various protection functions, such as undervoltage protection, current limit protection, brake power failure, etc. The high standard controller also has other protection functions such as self-test protection.

What is the principle of the speed limit of the electric bicycle controller? What is the use? Is it a waste of efficiency when limiting speed?

A: The national standard stipulates that the maximum speed of electric vehicles is 20 km/h, so many manufacturers add the speed limit line switch to meet the requirements of customers. In the speed limit state, the speed will not exceed 20 km/h. After mediation, it can reach the maximum speed. The principle is to limit the output voltage of the electric bicycle controller to the motor can not reach the highest, the motor will not achieve the highest speed, so as to achieve the purpose of speed limit. There is very little effect on the efficiency when the speed is limited.

Why does the power indicator show a full charge state during normal riding, and one or two lights go out when just starting?

A: When starting, the current is high, it can reach about 15A (i.e. the current value of the electric bicycle controller), and the whole circuit produces a large voltage drop, which can reach more than 3V, so the power indicator thinks the power is not enough, and the lights will go out. When riding normally, the riding current is only 3~5A, the voltage drop of the whole scooter is small, and the voltage indication is restored.

What is the reason for the intelligent electric bicycle circuit board lights all light or all not light or a few light, but the whole scooter riding function is normal?

A: This phenomenon is likely to produce different random phenomena with each open power lock, is a typical electric bike controller to the panel indicator communication failure, not necessarily a circuit board failure, mostly for the harness of the 1, 2 line (communication function) connection is not real or grinding section caused by, should mainly check the connection line.