Marijuana is now becoming commonly known as a medicinally helpful herb that is used to treat many conditions. Many people have now qualified for medical use of cannabis as legislators pass new laws, expanding medicinal marijuana’s use into new states.

This law also enables medicinal marijuana patients to grow up to six of their own plants in a closed and locked facility. Now, Missourians have a lot of conditions for them to purchase cannabis to treat their symptom. Below are steps that will help you know how to get a medical marijuana card in Missouri.

Step 1: Get Verified By a Doctor

Firstly, you will need a doctor of osteopathy to complete the doctor’s Certification Form. According to a licensed professional, the form shows that you have one of the qualifying conditions to get a medical marijuana card in Missouri. This form is for those requiring the usual dosage of four ounces or less of marijuana in a month.

Step 2: Fill Out Additional Forms If required

According to the situation you have, there may be a few other forms you should fill out. When the marijuana is for someone under the age of 18, then a parent or guardian has to fill out the Parent Guardian Consent Form.

Step 3: Register Online

Missouri has set a law to register all that wish to use cannabis medicinally, known as Complia. This is the best way for you to apply for medical cannabis in the state of Missouri. You should register at this site to start the application procedure once all your forms are filled out.

Step 4: Apply

If you are a patient that wants to use medical marijuana, then fill out the New Patient Registration application. And when you are a caregiver applying to handle a patient’s medicinal marijuana, fill out the New Caregiver Registration application form.

Other than the previously mentioned forms, the application will also need:

  • Your personal, identifying information like name, date of birth, social security number, mailing address, with e-mail address)
  •  Proof of residency in Missouri is a photo of a driver’s license, ID card, car registration, or official utility bill.

There is also an optional statement about what programs for low-income Missourians you will participate in. The application will take up to 30 days to the procedure before you get approved for your card.

Step 5: Cost 

Patient and caregiver applicants have to pay a $25 fee. When you wish to grow your plants, you should pay a $100 fee.


After processing and approval of your submitted application, the state Department of Health (DOH) will send your Medical Marijuana card that you will get by mail. These will enable you to get medical marijuana at a licensed Missouri dispensary of your choice. How to get medical marijuana in Missouri is as easy as that.