At this stage of the game, both defenses really started to clamp down. Tampa Bay was closed out in the third quarter and Madden 21 coins K.C.'s front seven managed to stress Tom Brady much more regularly, including a key sack that would late hold the crime to a field goal at the onset of the fourth quarter. Both defenses forced three-and-outs on back-to-back string from the fourth, including a clutch stop from the Chiefs, who had been giving Mahomes and his offense down the ball with over two minutes left and also a chance to march down the field to win their second successive title. And they nearly did.

While on the flip side, he threw a dart into Tyreek Hill, that was able to generate a toe-tapping catch right at the 1-yard lineup before falling out of bounds.

The very next play, however, resulted in that Whitehead pick that you saw on top of this narrative, which gave the Buccaneers their first title since the 2002 year and Tom Brady a seventh-career championship.

It must be noted that Mahomes also was on the losing end of our simulation last year and ended up being just fine out of the virtual world and at the true Super Bowl LIV matchup with San Francisco. Could he best the pc again and win another title?

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