There are many original, fun and unique proposals that we see every day in the packaging of everyday products or online stores.


As we have already commented in different posts on our blog, original packaging can help build customer loyalty, since the package they receive at home is the first physical contact that the customer of your online store has. That is why you have to take care of all the details of your packaging to the maximum.


If you have an online store you can bet on originality and surprise your customers. That is why this week we want to share with you the most original and fun proposals to create a packaging that your customers will never forget.


An example that we have loved is this original beer packaging proposal. A cardboard box with an impressive graphic design created for the transport of beers. What's really special about it is that it resembles an old radio and nods to all styles of music.


We have always bet on originality in the packaging of your online products, if you want to differentiate yourself from your competition, build loyalty to your clientele and bet on showing yourself as a fun and environmentally conscious company, bet on creating a unique packaging , fun and original with our cardboard boxes or packaging products.