So that Animal Crossing Bells is one reason people get upset about it. It's gone far beyond the true problematic part though and people who do not understand what they're talking about are employing the term.This is extremely correct. . .doesn't seem like the method to do this.

I feel like I've noticed that even outside of racial theories also. Like someone is into one interest or hobby that's viewed as a"loser" hobby, but it slowly gets accepted by the mainstream and its no longer detrimental be say you're interested in X item or perform X thing.

Like growing up you were outcast for being to nerdy stuff for example. Couldn't talk about it in work else you'd get outcast, in college you'd get bullied, etc.. But now its the hip cool item and its unexpectedly okay.

I think over all this is just a thing people do and it isn't 100% connected to race. While race can play a role as you mentioned, it is but just 1 facet into the above all problem.Yeah, exactly the same type of thing happens there with almost any selection of marginalized groups. It is just especially obvious with race, because western white people have a long and proud history of swiping elements of black culture.

As long as you're using a hairstyle simply because you think it looks good, go for it, it's your own hair. Individuals can not just fucking trademark hairstyles.

It seems sensible that certain hairstyles are related to specific ethnicities, hair feel and so on. But it's hair, particularly in a video game, should not have to worry about offending somebody with every hairstyle and other fashion option, Reversing the problem does not work because a lot of natural black hairstyles like locs/afros are deemed"unprofessional" and not permitted in certain schools/jobs/etc because of how they look. Black people often need to style their hair shinier or in difficult/inconvenient ways so as to be viewed as professional. People without textured hair don't need to experience all of this - so long as my hair is clean, groomed, rather than dyed, I can fit into many jobs' dress codes with my own hair styled quite cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items much the exact same manner it grew out of my head.