Demotivator 1. An outdated form of knowledge transfer
All teachers and parents need to recognize the fact that today children receive information about the world in a different form: when it is fast, when it is fun, when it is bright. Thanks to television, the Internet, gadgets, animators for birthdays, children are surrounded by just this form of information transfer. Therefore, it is very difficult for them to gain knowledge in the format of frontal training and through textbooks.

What to do? This does not mean that the child should not have a more "routine" form of working with information, because this is part of the coming adult life. But we are already obliged to dilute it with other forms: game, multimedia, event, online education. In another way, modern children cannot effectively assimilate educational information.

Demotivator 2. Nobody teaches to learn
We must admit that children today do not have sufficient skills for independent work. Even homework is often done under pressure from parents or teachers. The child does not know how to learn for himself: how to plan the process, how to divide the material into parts, how to estimate his time to complete work, how to control progress. Nobody teaches them this. In addition, no one helps to learn faster and more efficiently. The task of a modern school is to teach children to learn independently. And moreover, to independently motivate myself to study, to know myself, to know what exactly motivates me.

What to do? Introduce the main elements of self-study at home: planning, monitoring progress, the ability to track time, the ability to bring the job started to the end. It is not necessary to do this in learning situations. Solving everyday problems can help a child learn the elements of independent work. For example, using a checklist, you can plan a day with your child, or the process of collecting for school, or cleaning the room and making a recipe pie together.