The Madden NFL 22 rumors have already developed rapidly, but for this series, this may not be a good thing. Of course, there are reasons to be happy to have seen rumors, such as who will become the cover player of Madden NFL 22, but this also means that it is performing well in the current work. If the assumption is correct, then a wake-up call must be sounded because this is the first leaked information about the next issue of the series. If the rumors are accurate and Derrick Henry is the big news for this game, then it feels like the next "Crazy" will be more like the last one.

It can be said that the "Maddy" series should stand out in this year's WWE 2K series. Considering the negative reviews of the latest iteration (two games), Madden may need some time to rest and hit the restart button. The extra year of preparation will allow developers to truly evaluate effective and ineffective methods. He might consider adding some features to the franchise, which, despite their popularity, have been strangely removed over the years, and there are more. Of course, even if the Madden NFL 22 leak has not yet arrived, it is almost impossible to let this franchise store actually take a year off. For electronic art, this is too profitable.

This is not to say that recent games have not provided any new features. Madden 21 Coins is a relatively new feature in the series, but even since the mode first appeared, the mode has hardly undergone any changes or adjustments. In short, every game feels more and more, rather than something new and innovative.

"Faces of Franchise" is another new model released on "Morning American Football 20". Later, the model  was supplemented in Madden NFL 21, and even saw the ability to participate in several games as several college football teams. EA Sports College Football will be released earlier this year, and this particular model may herald a bigger announcement.

Unfortunately, the second edition of the "Franchise Party" and "Ultimate" Team is not enough to keep the game fresh. For Madden NFL 22 to make great progress, major improvements to the franchise model are needed. Electronic Arts seems to imply that he understands this and wants to move on, but the problem is that you need to buy MUT 21 Coins here. If the next franchise model is really different from the previous franchise model, major changes and additions are needed. In this case, the leakage of the next product line seems to be a bad sign.