Jagex and the Dangers of a Half-Assed OSRS Gold

In light of the debate surrounding the revival and expansion of the wilderness This article will offer an in-depth look at how it might impact the game. I'll also go over how the new mechanics developed over the years could be in conflict with the "wildy" we now refer to and the possible issues.

Let's first talk about wilderness boundaries. Before 07, there was no safe zone. The most fundamental design of wilderness includes safe zones. While you could argue that these shouldn't be eliminated, they do disrupt any currently pvp battles. The idea is to move into a secure zone, and it is also a focus for fighting around these areas.

This is a defeat for the original purpose of the lawless area. We need to consider whether we could have a redesigned wilderness, either like the one in BH Worlds or the one we have now. The issue with the current activities in wilderness areas that weren't there before is another. What is their choice? And what impact could this affect the wilderness?

Personally, I'm willing to move all minigames (Clan Wars and FOG, sealing off Deamonhiem) in various places. However, the 3 quests are where things become difficult. The Summer quest line and Defender of Varrock both contain large chunks of wilderness, if we assume that the quests will remain, I think that the best choice is to re-instancing the whole quest. What do I mean? When you reach the point of beginning your quest or go into the wilderness as part of the defender of varrack story you are on your own, no player interaction. Although this could slightly alter the quest, it would not have any significant impact on the quest.

Green Dragons, armoured Zombies and Chaos Ele should all be kept identical. The most effective location to train is a bit dangerous. The Corporeal creature is a fascinating aspect. While I can see it being fun to have barrage runners enter the cave the boss's mechanic is unique to RS because you'll be putting your money down a lot due to its high risk nature. The entrance can be relocated closer to the edge of the wildy, which is what it currently is at level 20.

The summoning process is a challenge. It would be great to be able drop anything at any time, exactly as in the rest of RS. Restricting pouches in such a way is a bit odd in PVP realms. This is a problem I'm not sure how to fix. The best option is to simply declare "pouch In Create, Combat Rises"

The most important thing is that you cannot have PVP wilderness realms. Never. The excitement of the wild offered one thing that the PvP/bh realms did not have and that was the most efficient handling I have ever seen.

Pvp meeting pve players. Although it was not required, non-pvpers could to take a chance to join potential pvp for rewards. My earlier point on quests is that every player must be able to access this content. But, making certain the worlds "safety" defeats all of it. This is the thing I worry about most. If a place is secure from attack that defeats the goal of quests.

No runecrafter with use dangerous abyss as there is a perfectly safe place to hop away. Armoured zombie-goers can simply move to a safer world after leaving the wilderness. In fact, that could be done for any kind of world. This is a request. Do not promote the notion of safe worlds or the half-assed wilderness. That would defeat the point and ruin the fun of being in the wild.

Wilderness, Free Trade

What happens to the Buy RS 3 Gold that were made to replace wilderness? Quick history lesson... GE- was established around a year before the notorious updates to free trade.