The 360 Wigs are highly popular in the market, but do you know how to choose a wonderful Lace Part Wig suit you best? While there are so many different variations of Human Hair Lace wigs, such as lace caps, full lace, lace 360 and lace part wigs.

The Best 360 Lace Wig are a delightful way to change up women’s style while still protecting people’s natural hair, when worn properly, it appears as if it's your natural hair, and can be styled the same as your natural hair. But it can be hard to figure which one will work best for a beginner. For a wig-wear beginner, how to choose a high-quality Lace Part Wig? These factors you should look out for when you buy wigs.

How to choose a wonderful 360 Lace Front Wigs?
1.Choose right hair material
The material can directly reflect the smoothness and gloss of the wigs. Meanwhile blends of synthetic and human hair are the most durable when you're applying heat via straighteners and curlers. It still looks very different of the virgin human hair, Human Hair Wigs look much more realistic, though it’s more expensive and you need to take more care on it in daily life. It can last longer if you take good care of it. And The gloss and touch of real human hair are completely different from synthetic fibers. It is more natural and shiny.

2. Comfortable lace cap material
When we wearing human hair wigs, the construction and durability of the lace part is crucial, too. I can image that many people think the cap sits underneath the wig, so it is not important. But I want to say is: of course not! It is an important part of wig wearing. If the cap is made of poor or rough material, it will quickly fall apart and rub against your natural hair.

3.A natural looking with pre-plucked hairline.
First you should know is that people’s real hair is natural thinner in the front and grows denser as you move toward the back. So, if you see a wig tend to have a hairline that as thick as the rest of the hair, it is not certified. If the wig's hairline doesn't look natural, use tweezers to pluck the front until it does.

4.Choose the right color
Next, we will talk about how to choose the right wig’s color. If you’re wearing a wig for the first time and wants to be looked more natural, we recommend choosing a classic wig color like black or brown closely matches your most recent hairstyle. Highlight wigs also can be a good choice which is fashion but not exaggerate.

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