In addition to handing out joints, Larsen handed out free microdoses of the Microdosing Psilocybin, commonly known as "shrews" or "mushrooms," from Hastings Street pharmacies.
"Where mushrooms are now, there was cannabis in the mid-'90s. There is widespread public awareness that this is not just fun. It's a powerful drug with real benefits. Microdosing twice a week, usually done with about 1/10 gram. Mushroom powder about 100 mg. "
"The idea is that you don't get high; you feel a little sparkle. It helps people deal with PTSD, anxiety, depression. People often tell me they are having a really good day. They usually explain what they don't. Don't be upset, like the little rudeness that usually bothers them. "
Larsen added that mushrooms can help people connect with other organisms such as trees. "The feeling of disconnection with other organisms is at the root of anxiety and depression. These mushroom experiences can help."
According to Larsen, microdosing can also provide people with an enlightening experience. However, "This is the window here. If you are an adult, we will sell microdoses. No medical designation is required. However, if you want to use a stronger dose for psychedelic purposes, some kind of medical treatment I need a record. "