When players are struggling in Aeternum, they must wonder what Amazon’s MMO has prepared for them when they reach level 60. The following is our understanding of the New World endgame, let's take a look.

New World has a total of six expeditions (five-man dungeon). Nevertheless, players still want to focus on Dynasty Shipyard, Genesis Garden, and Lazarus Tools at level 60, because they can drop epic and legendary items.

The arena is PvE content. If the player finds the Spriggan Key while out looting an enemy, they can use New World Coins on a specific pillar, which will teleport the player and their team to the arena, where they need to take down a tough Spriggan boss within the time limit. If successful, players will be rewarded with high-quality equipment.

Although territorial wars are not unique to level 60, the rewards players receive at the highest level make them worth trying. They will get New World coins, Azoth and a treasure chest with good equipment. Players' rewards will increase according to their level of participation.

PvE invasion starts at level 50, but once the player reaches the highest level, these will also provide generous rewards, such as loot boxes containing equipment, Azoth, and gold. The invasion will see waves of enemies trying to occupy the fortress. Players need to Buy New World Coins, defensive structures and good old-fashioned teamwork to resist these attacks.

Players will find points of interest in high-level areas on the map, and they will often fight elite or boss type enemies at these locations. It's a good idea to group these because they can be very difficult, but players can find rewards in treasure chests, as well as the bosses themselves who have the opportunity to drop good equipment and other high-level items.