The health benefits of plant-based supplements have been known for centuries. In fact, the use of herbal remedies is said to precede the advent of modern medicine as early as 60,000 years ago.

Some of the most famous herbs and fruits used in cooking around the world are blessed with natural extracts Canada that are beneficial to human well-being. In particular, they are packed with bioactive compounds such as polyphenols that are associated with the antioxidant effects of the human body.

The question is, what are the key points of liquid herbal extracts such as Comvita's olive leaf extract, which is known for its antioxidant properties?

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and adding spices to foods are an important part of a healthy and balanced diet, but some of the main benefits of supplementing your diet with liquid extracts It is shown below.

The raw form of the plant does not contain the same concentration of beneficial antioxidants as the liquid herbal extract-in fact, it is very different.

Therefore, taking liquid herbal extracts with a healthy and balanced diet is convenient to give beneficial antioxidant supplements without trying to eat impossible amounts of herbs, fruits and vegetables. It's a good way.

Although it is important to follow a healthy diet, it can be difficult to ensure that your daily diet contains all of the most valuable substances in nature.

Olive leaf extract can be taken with a daily diet to take advantage of nutrients and antioxidants. For example, you can add the recommended amount of olive leaf extract to drinks such as water, juice, and tea.

Extraction has long been used as a common method for extracting beneficial nutrients and compounds from plants and herbs. In most cases, this was traditionally done with hot water to make "tea".

However, as extraction methods continue to evolve, Comvita continues to strive to maintain freshness and natural processes. Comvita Olive Leaf Extract is not alcohol-extracted and uses only freshly picked olive leaves in an extraction process that takes place on the grounds of an olive grove in Queensland. Learn more about olive leaf extract.