The name of this strain may look intense, but don't postpone it. Online dispensary Canada is an Indica hybrid crossed with God Bud and Green Crack strains. It has an earthy aroma and a light floral and sweet taste. It has a spicy taste when smoked and a spicy aroma when exhaled. This tension gives you an uplifting but calm feeling. It's perfect for light heights, inspires creativity, and still allows you to do your daily work. Green Crack God is perfect for people who suffer from constant anxiety, stress, and pain.

Native to British Columbia, the tuna cush is the main hybrid of Indica. It has the power to open the mind and has a relaxing and healing effect. When you smoke this strain, all the unpleasant sounds around you seem to disappear. It has a pungent and sensual scent and a delicate earthy scent. This tension gives you a calm, deep and physical height. It's definitely one of the more powerful cannabis sprouts. Tuna pillows are perfect for people who suffer from insomnia and stress.

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