In order to better serve its customers, Came, a manufacturer of components for electric motors, windings, and aluminum die casting, has redesigned the layout of its die-casting plant. The goal of these reforms was to better align delivery speed and operational flexibility with the needs of customers.

Came has prioritized the logistics aspect of the plant expansion in order to reduce loading and unloading times and increase operational efficiency. In order to accomplish this, aluminum die castings the company expanded and improved the die storage and maintenance section in order to increase operational flexibility and provide an ad-hoc die management service.

Die Casting 101 - Aluminum die casting process by Die Castings ChinaDie Casting 101 - Aluminum die casting process by Die Castings

Die Casting Process-IDie Casting

The global die-casting machine market is highly concentrated, with only a few dominant market players operating on a global scale. The key players in the die-casting machine market, aluminum die casting parts including L. K. Technology Holdings Limited, Toshiba Corporation, Toyo Machine & Metal Co., Ltd., and Yizumi Precision Machinery Co. Ltd., are also profiled, along with their financial information and respective business strategies.