Narratively, MyCareer NBA 2K21 MT remains the best sports story experience on the market and is packed with big-name stars such as Michael K. Williams, Djimon Hounsou, and Jesse Williams. The latter is way too intense occasionally, but it feels like a real production, tells a compelling story without overdoing the melodrama, and provides some satisfying story beats. It's a bit too scripted in places, but that's a little criticism in a sports drama.

Despite how good it's though, the lack of a full assortment of difficulty Emotionally gatekeeps newcomers from what ought to be a welcoming manner, and it can't shake the feeling of becoming an elaborate maze built to direct you back to MyTeam, together with this Playoffs winning 3-pointer worth nothing more than a few coins towards another pack. The Neighborhood is representative of NBA 2K21 as a whole, in that the basketball is great, but every decision made around it lets down the side.

MyCareer is also home to The Neighborhood, a coming online game mode built around streetball and creativity. Offline, you are able to recreate some of this feeling in The Park, but it is not quite the same. The Neighborhood is still a good game mode itself, but it's too many drawbacks to truly warrant praise. For starters, you may only access through MyCareer with your expert, which brings in the problem of where to spend VC. Additionally, it can't be obtained until you reach the NBA, which means either skipping over by far the most fascinating and private part of the story mode's story or playing through more gradually rather than having to access possibly the most fun online manner until you're several hours to some story which hardly Buy NBA 2K Coins connects to The Neighborhood in the first location.