The latest free expansion pack for Path of Exile is now online. The road of exile is also time to start a new expedition. The Expedition Challenge League, a new expansion pack for Path of Exile, has been launched on Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

For Path of Exile players on Xbox and PlayStation. This is an important day. With the expedition, players will have the opportunity to encounter Kalguur. They went to Wraeclast to follow in the footsteps of their ancient settlers and retrieve their lost artifacts. This mission is not simple. Players can choose Buy POE Currency from to prepare for the battle. The player's task is to help and mark the expedition location and then retrieve these artifacts.

Kilgour believes that their ancestors have fallen in these locations. Players need to dig the remains. During the excavation, a series of explosives must be placed and detonated. After detonation, you need to carefully search the place where the explosive is placed. because the place where the explosive is placed will produce a box that may contain ancient rune artifacts.

When players need it, they can also choose to trade in this way. Find a seller who suits your temper. Rog sweet transactions that players can make for profit. Players need to complete certain tasks before they can trade. In the battle of trading, players can go to to choose Buy POE Currency for preparations. The expedition also provides an opportunity to discover logs. These logs can be made to maximize the value and difficulty of transaction exchanges to achieve exchange purposes.

Path of Exile: The expedition on Xbox and PlayStation also provides players with powerful new options. Construct their characters by introducing a series of new gems that cater to various game styles. According to the rules of the game, players can explore a variety of new skills. In addition, several game systems have also been rebalanced, and the flask system has been redesigned to provide additional flexibility.