Michael didn't know what would happen when he was lying in bed at Hammersmith Hospital in London and taking capsules of psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms. A 56-year-old part-time website developer from Durham County, northern England, has been fighting depression for 30 years, trying talk therapy and many types of antidepressants with no success. Learn how to buy Microdose Shrooms.

His mother died of cancer and then his friend committed suicide, making him one of the lowest points ever. When he searched online to see if the mushrooms germinating in his garden were hallucinogens, he came across a groundbreaking medical study at Imperial College London.

While listening to music in a decorated doctor's office and surrounded by candles and flowers, Michael was anxiously waiting for the drug to work. Fifty minutes later, he saw a bright light in the distance and embarked on a five-hour journey in his heart. There he relived his series of childhood memories and confronted his sorrow.

In the next three months, his depressive symptoms subsided. He was cheerful and embraced, enjoying indifferent entertainment such as walking through the Yorkshire countryside and taking pictures of nature.

“I'm a different person,” says Michael. "I couldn't wait to get dressed, go out into the world and meet people. I was very confident. It was like when I was young, before depression started and worsened."

Completed in 2016, the study was the first and most up-to-date study of treatment-resistant depression with psychedelics, a psychedelic drug found naturally in about 200 species of mushrooms. To a greater or lesser extent, Michael and all 18 other participants saw symptoms decrease for a week after two treatments, including a high dose of 25 mg. Five weeks later, nine out of 19 patients found that depression was still significantly reduced (more than 50%). Results were fairly stable for 3 months.

They have been suffering from depression for an average of 18 years and have tried all other treatments. In January of this year, the exam began the second phase. An ambitious effort to test psilocybin more scientifically and rigorously in a larger group (including a control group that Michael lacked in his research) compares drug performance. I used an antidepressant. The team is currently treating about one-third of 60 patients, and early results indicate the potential for psilocybin.


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