Access into the Thunder Armoury. Access to rs 2007 gold the Property of Lightning-speak to Aubury to get there. Thunder weapons have exactly the very same stats as d weapons, but somewhat better. Costs 100k. Prices 90k Thunder B-Axe- Sonic Boom: Knocks enemy rear 10 figurines, drains electricity to 0, and bargains 15 to you. Prices 90k. Thunder Warhammer: Shockwave: Enhancing your stamina, and lowers attack and defence. Prices 100k. Prices 120k. Armour is the same as dragon armour, but somewhat higher. Thunder Chainmail: Costs 70k. You can buy Thunder equipment from Scala, at the Armoury in the Land of Lightning.

Ok guys everyone on this forum stinks about randoms, personally I believe their kinda cool. Before you call me a noob, most of my ideas are generally well accepted on this forum and I'm a longstanding slammer(well longish).

How, well heres my thought in general events need to made made tougher but higher rewards, these will be clarified in detail. Mysterious Old Man. Ah this men great, his teleport tricks are perfectly nice, but what bothers me is that you open a box to get a fall which you fall. A gem while your fishing and usualy has dropped as well. My idea is simple, he provides you an option for it to be sent to the bank, if your lender is complete it gets lost or in your put in your stock.

Drunken Dwarf. Non members maintain him how he's, member should only receive any arbitrary ale, attached to what ability you were doing. Miners would get a stout, fishers will get the fish beverage ect. Golem and tree spritits. Okay I will use an example , say I'm mining coal, I will get a coal golem. The level will vary according to the stone If I made a decision to kill it I'd find an amount of coal depedening on how quick I killed it. Even the golem would change color, therefore a rune golem would be bluely colour.

Speak to Ajiat. He ask him whether he has a quest for you, and he'll say there is a dungeon situated north of Burthope. Input. Look a bit past the entry and you will notice a Thunder Key. Pick it up and run past the lvl 24 Skeletons and Zombies until you find an NPC named Narkala. Speak to him. He will say it's very dangerous down and he will provide you a Demon Shield. Equip it, and you see it dosen't offer any defences, but buy RuneScape gold it shields against demons. Narkala wishes you luck. Go throughout the northen door.