Grinding Gear Games will release the latest expansion about Path of Exile. The expansion pack will focus on the natural disaster expansion pack. This latest expansion pack will bring a lot of content. Including the Natural Disaster Challenge Alliance, some improvements to the world atlas, and new and desirable endgame content. An improved passive skill tree with more options.

In Path of Exile: Scourge, players will implant a device called a blood crucible in their body, filling the device with the blood of the slain monster. The device can be activated to travel to a parallel doomsday Wraeclas. To get more loot, players can choose Buy POE Currency from to kill more monsters. Players need to fight in the world of Wraeclas, and only if they win can they successfully advance.

According to the rules of the game. Players must balance their time in alternate Wraeclast. Because the longer the player is in Wraeclast, the more damage the player will suffer. Players can insert items into the blood cauldron. With luck, the player will get a pair of natural disaster modifiers.

In the alternative Wraeclast, players will also find contaminated colorful orbs, contaminated Jeweler's Orbs, and contaminated Fusion Orbs to modify the slots in their damaged items. Players can choose Buy POE Currency from to create more orbs. In addition, when the player kills natural disasters and other monsters while moving, the blood cauldron will gain experience and can be upgraded.

Path of Exile: Scourge allows players to place maps in the blood cauldron. When a map absorbs enough corruption and deformation, it will gain beneficial and harmful effects in the same way as a piece of equipment. The map can be converted up to 10 times, each time significantly increasing its risks and rewards.