take a trip to the cool person's Photopia. Head inside and you'll have the option to filter any or the entirety of the amiibo. Not exclusively will you bring the Sanrio townspeople for Animal Crossing Items certain previews, however you'll add every one of their things to the Nook Shopping menu.

On the off chance that you've opened the Nook Shopping application, you'll have the option to peruse everything on your telephone anyplace by any means. In the event that you haven't, go to Resident Services and access it through the Nook Stop terminal. When you're perusing, you'll track down all the new Sanrio furniture in the Promotion tab (third from the left). Banners will be in their own tab (second from the left). Every one of them would then be able to be bought at their set cost, however you can just request five things per day. It will require some investment, tolerance, and ringers to finish the full set.

By the way, in case you're at the Nook Stop terminal you can likewise check in one amiibo card and welcome a Sanrio resident to your Campsite! This cycle will likewise give you admittance to the furniture things, however is much more slow than visiting Harv's Island because of day by day restricts. All things considered, it's the best way to have a Sanrio resident mmobc.com move to your island.