It's unclear whether Rack or Raangee were aware of the scam or if their accounts were compromised NBA 2K22 MT. We've tried to get in touch with the two of them multiple times but to unsuccessfully.

Tyceno and others who are suspected victims spoke to us about how "Rack" reached out via phone chat to various of young gamers. The terms of service forbid using the feature for illegal purposes, commercial purposes or to wager money with other players. 2K The publisher of NBA 2K, has not answered to multiple requests for comments.

Tyceno claimed Rack demanded large amounts of cash from players who were promised unusually high returns that could reach 40 percent. One victim aged 21 told us that he'd been able to lose $6000 and was slated to get $11,000 due to the "interest" he was supposed to collect Buy NBA 2K MT Coins. "The scam took place originally through this dude Rack posting hundreds of thousand dollars in bets and trying to show off how much money he had."

Another victim, who was 17 reported with the Australian Cyber Security Centre after allegedly losing $6,000 in the scam."He [Rack] described it as giving a loan and then paying back the loan with interest," the teenager said. "He was well-known in the community and took advantage of it to trick me and others into sending large sums of money."