Yes, but it is quite difficult. If you have seen the end of MUT 23, you must know that there are a series of hidden cards in the data package related to a series of MUT Facebook accounts (called "Stone Table"), which represent some of the more useful cards, which may have been added Go to MUT 21.

Yes, you can win another TOTY token in the following event. In our holiday event, we will add more TOTY tokens to the game. The ultimate fan feature is a new series of gift box products. These special items will only appear for a very limited time, so please register below to get the first experience.

The madden 21 coins means that only one will be sold. Then someone can sell these coins again. If you want to get more, how to use this number? We have added two new TOTY notes in the pool!

Each TOTY token has a special battle upgrade, which you can buy with TOTY tokens you don’t have. For each battle upgrade, you must unlock it, and you must insert an additional TOTY token in the pool. For each unlocked TOTY token, you have a chance to get Madden 21 Coins . The more TOTY tokens that enter the pool, the better your chances of winning.

To get another TOTY token, you need to Buy MUT Coins, and to get one of the new vinyl records, you need to get a new vinyl record. (New record or old record) as the beneficiary. In other words, to get a vinyl record, you need to get at least one of your favorite items from each category to benefit.

The value of TOTY tokens depends on the supply and demand of tokens, which is a common financial principle. In addition, the amount of any unused TOTY tokens is equal to zero.