Market Overview

The mounting level of e-waste generated currently by the global population is estimated to fortify the growth of the electronic waste recycling market 2020. The SEM industry reports are produced by Market Research Future, which highlights market options for expansion.  A 13.03% CAGR is estimated to shape the market worth to USD 39,498.81 Million by 2024.

The government aid in reducing e-waste and institution of strong policies to reduce e-waste is anticipated to benefit the expansion of the e-waste recycling market size. Also, increasing investment by private investors is likely to further bolster the electronic waste recycling market in the forecast period.

Detailed Regional Analysis 

The regional assessment of the electronic waste recycling market includes regions such as Africa, Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and South America. The European region is anticipated to dictate the electronic waste recycle market and preserve its share for the duration of the forecast period. This is owing to the swiftly mounting implementation of electronic waste recycling solutions, software, platforms, and systems through industry verticals such as automotive, marketing, healthcare, security, I.T. & telecommunication, agriculture, retail, and manufacturing. Also, the escalating implementation of electronic waste recycling technology for speech and image recognition and data mining also motivates electronic waste recycling market growth in this region. The regional market in the Asia-Pacific region is anticipated to record the top CAGR of 15.25% in the forecast period. Japan is projected to be a principal country-level market and is projected to record a 12.75% CAGR by 2024.

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Competitive Analysis

The state of the market is exceptionally indecisive due to the effect of the macro factors operating in the global economy. The road to the resurgence of the market is estimated to be lengthy and arduous due to the degree of a setback it has suffered. The prospects for growth in the market have to be carefully sought out and examined to ensure that they will ensure the favorable development of the market in the coming period. The competitors present in the market are recalibrating their market share to open up new areas of development in the market. The stress on enhancing the production potential and upgradation of the workforce are the top priorities to reinvigorate the development potential of the market in the coming period. The establishment of robust distribution channels is estimated to define the development of the market in the future. The investment in robotic elements in the supply chain is estimated to be seen in the future to reduce the impact of the human capital on the long term market expansion.

The renowned companies in the electronic waste recycling market are Tetronics International Limited (Wiltshire), GEEP Inc (Canada), Boliden AB (Sweden), Enviro Hub Holdings Ltd (Singapore), Stena Technoworld AB (Sweden), Electronic Recyclers International Inc. (U.S.), Umicore S.A (Belgium), Sims Metal Management Limited (U.S.), Aurubis AG (Germany), and Attero Recycling Pvt. Ltd (India).

Table of Content:

3 Research Methodology

3.1 Research Process 18

3.2 Primary Research 19

3.3 Secondary Research 20

3.4 Market Size Estimation 20

3.5 Forecast Vertical 21

3.6 List Of Assumptions 22

4 Market Insights

5 Market Dynamics

5.1 Introduction 25

5.2 Drivers 26

5.2.1 Increasing Electronic Waste Across The Globe 26

5.2.2 Rise In Employment Opportunities In Developing Countries 26

5.2.3 Drivers Impact Analysis 27

5.3 Restraints 27

5.3.1 The Lack Of Regulatory And Recycling Infrastructure 27

5.3.2 Restraints Impact Analysis 28

5.4 Opportunity 28

5.4.1 Artificial Intelligence In E-Waste Recycling 28

5.5 Challenge 29

5.5.1 Prevalence Of Informal E-Waste Recycling Sites 29

6 Market Factor Analysis

6.1 Supply Chain Analysis 30

6.1.1 E-Waste Collection 31

6.1.2 E-Waste Transport And Storage 31

6.1.3 E-Waste Sorting/Disassembling/Shredding 31

6.1.4 Raw Material Extraction/Supply/Disposition 31

6.1.5 End-Users 31

6.2 Porter’s Five Forces Vertical 32

6.2.1 Threat Of New Entrants 32

6.2.2 Bargaining Power Of Suppliers 33

6.2.3 Bargaining Power Of Buyers 33

6.2.4 Threat Of Substitutes 33

6.2.5 Intensity Of Rivalry 33

7 Global Electronic Waste Recycling Market, By Material

7.1 Overview 34

7.2 Metals And Chemicals 35

7.3 Plastics 35

7.4 Glass 36

7.5 Others (Rubber, Wood, Plywood, Concrete, And Ceramics) 36

8 Global Electronic Waste Recycling Market, By Source

8.1 Overview 37

8.2 Consumer Electronics 38

8.3 Industrial Electronics 38

9 Global Electronic Waste Recycling Market, By Region

9.1 Overview 39

9.2 North America 40

9.2.1 US 44

9.2.2 Canada 45

9.2.3 Mexico 46

9.3 Europe 47

9.3.1 U.K. 51

9.3.2 Germany 52

9.3.3 France 53

9.3.4 Italy 54

9.3.5 Spain 55

9.3.6 Rest Of Europe 56

9.4 Asia Pacific 57

9.4.1 China 61

9.4.2 India 62

9.4.3 Japan 63

9.4.4 South Korea 64

9.4.5 Rest Of Asia-Pacific 65

9.5 Rest Of The World 66

9.5.1 Middle East & Africa 69

9.6 South America 70

10 Competitive Landscape

10.1 Competitive Overview 71

10.2 Key Players Market Share Analysis, 2020 (%) 71

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Industry Updates:

Apr 2020 The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Fund has declared that it will be giving more than £5 million of financial aid to electronic waste recyclers all through the Covid-19 pandemic in the structure of its WEEE Support Grants and Loans Package. The aid announced by the WEEE Fund will assist in alleviating the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic for the WEEE recycling sector.

Segmental Analysis

The segmental insight into the electronic waste recycling market is carried out on the basis of material, source, and region.  On the basis of sources, the electronic waste recycling market is segmented into industrial electronics and consumer electronics. Based on the material, the electronic waste recycling market consists of plastics, glass, metals and chemicals, and others such as plywood, concrete, wood, rubber, and ceramics. On the basis of the regions, the electronic waste recycling market is segmented into Africa, Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and South America.

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